Have you ever found yourself stuck on the side of the road with your car broken down? It's happened to pretty much everyone.

Maybe it was a flat battery, you ran out of fuel, or your car overheated.

broken down car

I want you to imagine how you felt at that moment. Exasperated? Stressed? Or, if you're anything like me, panic would have already set in thinking about how late you'll be.

So, there you are, parked on the side of the road. Annoyed.

The next step?

You reach for your phone to call your doctor to get your car up and running again.


What about your hairdresser?

Also no?


Because, more likely than not, these people have no idea how to help you. Sure, they're professionals in their fields and probably fantastic at their job. 

But they simply cannot help you. 

Which brings me to my next question: 

Why is professional fashion copywriting important? Why can't you just write your own content? 

Think about it.

Would you hire a mechanic to design your website?

Maybe you would get a hairdresser to perform heart surgery?

Didn't think so.

If you're planning on writing your own copy, think about this:

You're likely to be losing more than 70% of potential customers.

Just through poorly written content.

Can you grasp your customer's attention instantly? 

Do you know how to keep them gripped with each word?

So what makes you think you'll persuade them to buy from you?

Chances are you're not a superhero, and you cannot do everything.

And that's OK.

You're only human, after all.

But you can find someone who will communicate the wonders of your clothing brand and serve them straight to your target customer.

Sound good?

Below you'll find everything you need to look for in the perfect copywriter that's just right for your brand.

What to Look For in a Fashion Copywriter?

We'll start with the bare minimum.

Neil Gaiman shares three characteristics of quality freelancers:

1. Their work is good

2. They are easy to get along with

3. They deliver work on time

In his opinion, your freelance writer must have at least two. If you get a triple threat (someone with all of these qualities), you've found a reliable and talented person to work with.

Never let them go. Ever.

However, in such a competitive industry like fashion, you need a writer who can deliver excellent work on time but also someone who takes time to understand your brand and your customers.

These are six things that separate average copywriters from the cream of the crop.

#1 Writes Well and Knows How to Sell

You need someone who can craft convincing, engaging, and credible copy written in a style that suits your brand.

Besides applying the top copywriting techniques that persuade or motivate your target buyers, they should know how to write for different marketing channels. 

Regardless of whether the copywriter is writing copy for social media or your website, they should speak directly to your customers in the consistent voice of your brand.

Ultimately, the top fashion copywriters know they're here to sell.

#2 Understands the Fashion Industry

Find a copywriter who specializes in the fashion industry. Whether you're working within a luxury or sustainable segment, there are many copywriters who have deep knowledge and interest in your niche.

You need someone who writes about such topics daily — meaning they've already researched them and know a lot about them.

Most of what makes up great writing is research. 

This is also the most time-consuming part of copywriting. With the time cut down on this part of the process, you'll get your work back sooner.

Major green flag: The copywriter either worked in the fashion industry (has an insider perspective) or has an avid interest in it (knows all about fashion and keeps learning more about it).

#3 Has a Proven Track Record

The third thing to look for is proof a copywriter can do their job. Start here: 

  • Can the copywriter send at least three relevant samples for the project you have in mind?

  • Does a person have a digital trace, their own professional website or social media presence?

  • Does the website have testimonials from happy clients?

This helps you weed out people without relevant experience or who can't complete the job on time.

#4 Applies Essential SEO Practices

While a fashion copywriter doesn't have to be an SEO expert, most digital marketing copywriters should be in the loop with the latest changes and top SEO practices.

Just a few things to consider are:

  • Internal links

  • Keywords

  • Meta tags

  • Featured snippets

  • URLs

  • Readability

Implementing them is a default.

At least it should be. 

#5 Has the Brain of a Marketer

You'll get the best results while working with a fashion copywriter who understands their role in your overall digital marketing strategy.

This is a copywriter who takes the time to understand your brand and your customers.

They are the ones who help you answer that burning question. Perhaps the most important one of all.

"Why should anyone even care?"

Because you love your brand and everything that it stands for. Naturally.

But for it to truly be successful, it should not just sell products but solve your customers' problems. 

Will they feel beautiful wearing your pieces? That gives a surge in confidence.

Will they feel young at heart again? Again — confidence.

Will they feel more energised and ready to take on the world? Confidence and health benefits.

You can see where I'm going with this.

It's all about sales psychology. 

Your customer has to get the feels when presented with your pieces. Because they must get under their skin as well as on it.

Someone who understands their writing is part of your brand's overall sales strategy, and their words contribute to your brand's ultimate goals.

#6 Asks Relevant Questions About the Project

The easiest way to separate top-tier fashion copywriters and beginners is by paying attention to the question they ask when you're discussing a project. Besides the budget and deadlines, professionals will ask:

  • Who is the target customer for this particular project?

  • Where will the designs be used?

  • What is the story being conveyed?

  • Where does the inspiration come from?

  • What materials are used?

  • What message are you communicating?

  • What are you trying to achieve?

  • Why should people care?

The questions they ask show they have experience and can already anticipate possible problems.

Final Word

So, you're looking for a fashion copywriter?

Perhaps someone to write a blog on your website. Craft converting sales emails. Think of scroll-stopping social media posts. Or someone who'll write an ad you can run on Facebook or proudly display on a billboard.

Outsourcing such a task (finding a copywriter that is the right match for your business) can feel daunting.

We're talking about hiring a person who will verbally represent your brand. But also about finding a trustworthy professional — a writer who can consistently deliver great work.

There's a plethora of copywriters out there, but many of them are average.

They're OK. 

They're not bad.

But do you want someone to communicate your fashion brand as not bad?

Not in a million years.

You want someone who wholly understands your brand and its rightful place in the industry. Someone who is skilled at what they do. And someone who is easy to work with.

Where can you find a reliable fashion copywriter who will take the time to craft quality copy for your brand?

Start with Word Nerd. We're a dream to work with.

And we know the fashion industry inside out. Whether you need website copy, ads, product descriptions, blog posts, or something else — we're here for you.

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