It’s not like I didn’t know a trip to New York City would change me. I knew — I did. Just not how much and in how many ways. 

Truth is, I’m still mentally and emotionally there in some way.

Still struck by those blinding lights. The chaos. The beauty of that chaos.

Living in a digital age means everything is accessible online. Everything is at your fingertips. And you kind of feel as though you’ve seen it all.

Until you get to New York City.

And then you realise you’ve barely scratched the surface.

Because New York City is everything. All at once.

The lights.

The noise.

The smells.

No questions asked.

And definitely no apologies.

It's hard to imagine that anyone can be seen or heard in the pandemonium that is New York City.

My whirlwind romance with the City that Never Sleeps lasted seven sensational, but short nights. And taught me lessons not only about life, but also about marketing that will stay with me forever.

Because like Jay Z says, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.”

And make it you must.

Be Your Own Hype (Wo)Man

In a consumerist society, there’s a potentially enormous audience you can reach. In NYC everyone is trying to push their brand out there. To be heard. But the surrounding noise is so loud that your every scream comes out as a whisper — if that. 

From years of watching Gossip Girl and the affluent gang of the Upper East Side, you can see how easy it is to sit at the top of any industry. With the right educational opportunities, family ties, interests and background. 

But for us mere mortals, who exist on the fringes of that world, without said connections or resources, you need to use more unconventional methods to create a life of opportunity.

So, what’s your escape route from this predicament?

Times square at night

Forget blending in, the Big Apple showed me one thing loud and clear: you have to be your own hype person.

Hype acts like a social equalizer. 

It lets the underdog rise above the noise, even if they can't barge through the VIP entrance. It's the secret weapon for the unseen to be seen, the outsiders to get a piece of the action and penetrate inner circles.

Remember the dating app Bumble, the one where the ladies make the first move? Well, when they first launched, founder Whitney Wolfe Herd knew they needed to generate serious hype in a crowded market overflowing with dating apps. 

Enter a marketing tactic as brilliant as it was slightly mischievous. One that played on college students' natural curiosity and their love for the very social media platforms being "forbidden."

Bumble plastered posters across campuses that declared in bold lettering, 


  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Snapchat 

  • Bumble 

College students, glued to their familiar social media feeds, were instantly intrigued. 

What was this app they were specifically told not to use? Was it the next big thing, a revolutionary social media platform they hadn't heard of yet? 

The forbidden nature of the message, coupled with the inclusion of platforms they already knew and loved, sparked a wave of curiosity. They started buzzing about Bumble, the mysterious app on the "do not use" list. 

Now that’s one clever way to create hype and pique interest.

(Don’t) Sell Yourself (Short)

We all have a story, achievements big and small. You might not be Malala Yousafzai, but that doesn't mean your journey isn't remarkable. 

Here's the secret: the difference between those who stand out and the rest of us isn't the size of their accomplishments, it's how they tell their story.

The truth is, most advice tells you to focus on what everyone else agrees are your strengths. Blah. That's boring and limits your potential. 

Channel your inner New Yorker. Embrace your quirks.

Coachtopia dinosaur New York City

Remember that "weird" thing you used to do as a kid? Or that personality trait you try to hide? Those are gold mines. 


Society might tell you they're useless, but that's just background noise.

Think back. Was there something you loved that others mocked? Maybe a daydream world you swore off because it wasn't "realistic"?  Dust them off. Make a list. They hold the key to your unique strengths.

Take a closer look. 

Study them.

Here's the NYC secret: Every one of those quirks is a hidden gem, a piece of your unique mosaic. It's what sets you apart from the crowd, and what makes you, well, you.

Pick the most intriguing one. The one that screams "different" in the loudest way. That's the secret right there. 

Own it. 

Let it shine through in everything you do, from that career-defining presentation to a casual chat with a friend.

The goal? 

To become the captivating character who leaves people wanting more. You're not just another face in the crowd, you're a wizard with a unique story and a surprising secret weapon. 

Unique Soles for Unique soles, Brooklyn, New York

Master the Art of Manufacturing Momentum

Macy's offering your threads a spot on their shelves? You’d be elated too. But with just one lonely rack, the pressure was on for Marc Ecko. This was his shot to blow up, and there was no room for strikeouts.

Ecko knew the stakes were high. His brand needed to take off, not fizzle out before anyone even noticed. Here's where the secret weapon came in: the street team. 

These brand ambassadors were everywhere, spreading the Ecko logo like wildfire.

Plot twist: Marc slipped them some extra cash (hush-hush, of course) and told them to hit Macy's. Act natural, but grab some Ecko gear. 

Et voila! 

The rack emptied faster than you can say "limited edition." Macy's, seeing this sudden heat, doubled down on their order. Now regular folks were snagging Ecko threads, and the momentum just kept building.

Macy's New York City

And that’s the beginnings of an empire right there. 

Commenting on his strategy years later, Marc Ecko said, 

“What’s the takeaway here: Should you cheat to win?

Yes and no. Long term, no, it’d be unscalable, unethical, and inauthentic to cook your books or buy your own inventory. That’s bullshitting the world and bullshitting yourself. But when you’re launching a business, and you believe in the fundamentals, think of it like a date; you want to make a good first impression.”

Street Smart Strategies (Avoid Textbook Tragedies)

Knowledge is power, that's for sure. But there's a difference between knowing the theory and actually making it work in the real world. 

Textbooks are fantastic for building a foundation, but they can't replicate the messy, glorious chaos of real-life experience.

Take sales, for example. You can devour every sales manual on the market.  

But without adapting your approach to the specific situation, the audience, and even your own personality, those techniques are just words on a page.

It's the ability to translate theory into action, to learn from your mistakes and adjust on the fly, that sets the truly successful salespeople apart.

An extension of this same strategy was used by a street vendor I came across in the Big City, not far from the New York Public Library.

By this stage, I'd finished gathering my planned souvenirs, mentally dreading the inevitable baggage weight check. 

But then a voice cut through the city noise: "One dollar, one dollar. Photos of New York. One dollar. Nobody beats my prices!"

A gentleman well into his sixties stood by a table with a mountain of framed images. Black and white photos of Brooklyn, Times Square, Marylin Monroe on the subway, New Yorker fashion — you name it — he had it.

After spending a small fortune of fridge magnets and keychains, these souvenirs were hard to leave behind.

He beckoned us over, standing alone in a street crowded with tourists and business people going about their day. 

Going through the selection, we made our choice and went to pay in a New York minute, as they say.

The vendor wouldn’t have a bar of it, though.

“Go slow. Take your time. People will come. Go slow,” he repeated to us.

Confused, we looked around, and sure enough, three groups of curious passers by stopped to see what it was we were looking at.

Clearly a veteran street vendor, this man graduated the art of street smart selling. Likely not from any text books, but rather from years of experience and learning human psychology in action in real time. 

Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York

Repetition and Rhyme (All the Time)

Ever find yourself humming a tune for days on end? Or inexplicably crave that childhood fruit snack you haven't seen in years? 

You're not alone. 

Scientists have cracked the code behind these earworms and cravings —  it's all thanks to the power of repetition.

University of Michigan psychologist Robert Zajonc conducted research where he showed people students random stuff — nonsense words, weird symbols, even stranger faces — over and over again. 

So, what happened? 

The more they saw something, the more they liked it. Brain scans back this up too, showing a part of our brain called the hippocampus uses repetition to solidify information. Basically, our brains are like learning machines, and repetition helps things stick.

Take Times Square for example. In the one week that I was there, I came across more Coke-a-Cola commercials than any other brand. Worth $272.52 billion USD, you’d think they could afford themselves to take a breather when it comes to advertising.

Not so. 

This household brand knows that "spray and pray" marketing does nothing for a brand. Repetition is the key to brand recognition in today's oversaturated world. 

Consistency is king (or queen).

Think of it as staking out your claim in the online and offline spaces your target audience frequents. The more you show your face (or slogan, or logo) in those spots, the more likely it is for people to remember you when they're ready to buy.

But repetition isn't the only catchy trick up a marketer’s sleeve. Rhyme, too, plays a powerful role in capturing attention and making messages stick.

Magnolia Bakery banana pudding in Bryant Park

The New York Struggle is Real (Captivating)

Your favourite stories most likely feature an underdog facing some sort of uphill battle. 

A struggling young small-town woman from Connecticut, moves to New York City in the hopes of pursuing a writing career. 

Carrie Bradshaw, despite her designer shoes and Manhattan apartment, is relatable for a few reasons that can definitely resonate with a "hitting a nerve" experience.

Inner monologue: Carrie's voiceovers make us privy to her inner thoughts and anxieties. We hear her grapple with self-doubt, relationship issues, and career struggles. This vulnerability allows us to see ourselves in her, especially during moments when she questions her own choices or worries about being judged.

Dating woes: Her disastrous dates and relationship mishaps are a source of humor. But they also hit a nerve because they mirror the awkwardness and uncertainty we've all faced in our own love lives. Seeing Carrie navigate a sometimes brutal dating scene can be a reminder that we're not alone in our struggles.

Hopeless romantic: Carrie's unwavering belief in love, even after facing heartbreak, is both endearing and relatable. It reflects our own desire for connection and a happy ending.

Finding love in the city: Despite the challenges, Carrie keeps putting herself out there, searching for "The One." This resonates with anyone who has ever felt the thrill and disappointment of navigating love in a big city.

Why a Little Discomfort Goes a Long Way

The key to Carrie's relatability is that her struggles often hit a nerve.  

We see glimpses of ourselves in her vulnerabilities, insecurities, and romantic quests.  

Whether it's a bad date mirroring our own awkward encounter or a moment of self-doubt that echoes our inner critic, her experiences can trigger our own and make us feel understood.

Just like Carrie Bradshaw's relatable struggles resonate with viewers, marketing that taps into consumers' vulnerabilities and aspirations can create a powerful connection and drive engagement.

Fake it Until You Make it (in the Big Apple)

New York City's energy is undeniable. 

Times Square, New York City

It fuels dreams and drives ambition, but that constant buzz can also leave you feeling like a pressure cooker about to explode. 

We've all been there: the perfectly crafted email torpedoed by a late-night rage-fueled reply, the dream presentation hijacked by heart-pounding anxiety. 

Here's the secret most New Yorkers won't tell you: even the seemingly unfazed power players struggle with emotions.

The key to navigating this concrete jungle isn't achieving zen master status, it's mastering self-control.

A deep breath before hitting send, a quick jog to clear your head — these small acts can transform you from a frazzled mess into a strategic operator. 

Just like the city's most calculated players, minus the whole "sociopath" vibe. 

It's about learning to manage your emotions, not silence them.

New York is a State of Mind (Over Matter)

From Brooklyn to Broadway, in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, people, just like you and me try to make their mark on the world.

But to get a bite out of the Big Apple, one must master a litany of marketing strategies to be seen above the lights of Times Square.

To be heard above the deafening noises of the yellow taxis flooding the streets. 

And the relentless energy of the City that Never Sleeps. 

Now I'm back in my hometown, a place where life moves at a slower pace. Where the hum of waves lulls you to sleep. 

Where coffee breaks last hours on end and where business deals occur over lazy lunches. 

The fight for attention in NYC is overwhelming, but it’s a masterclass in creative marketing.

And life. 

So, until next time, New York City. I take these lessons, learned in the fire of your streets, and plant the seeds of audacious marketing in the fertile ground of Zadar. 

Here, they'll sprout in a New York minute, but bloom at the pace of a perfect Croatian sunset.

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