The digital realm has exploded with unrelenting controversy of late, ignited by a fiercely contested topic sparking fiery debate online. The topic? Artificial intelligence copywriting.

The truth is, copywriting is just like dating.

It’s all about connection, likeability and trust.

Because you can’t just sweep someone off their feet just by turning up (unless you’re Harry Styles).

Sure, physical aesthetics play an important part - at least initially. But tastes vary, and it’s quite possible you’re not even someone’s type on paper.

And even in those first few seconds of meeting someone it’s usually the unique imperfections that catch your eye.

The freckles.

The front tooth gap.

That irresitible five o’clock shadow.

Two people flirting

Apart from that first impression, the following seconds are what count.

You’ll either make it or break it.

But you’re a catch, right? So how do you sell yourself?

Well, I’m no Casanova, but here are some tips when it comes to putting your best foot forward.

Selling your Brand With Artificial Intelligence Copywriting

Step 1 – Confidence

Confidence is incredibly attractive. People who exude self-assurance, have a positive self-image, and carry themselves with grace tend to be perceived as attractive.

Step 2 – Personality and Charisma

A person's personality traits, such as kindness, humour, intelligence, and empathy, can significantly impact their attractiveness. A warm and engaging personality tends to draw people in and make them more appealing.

Step 3 – Communication Skills

Effective communication, including active listening, engaging conversation, and the ability to connect with others, enhances a person's attractiveness. Good communication fosters deeper connections and understanding.

Step 4 – Sense of Humour

The ability to make others laugh, find joy in everyday situations, and bring levity to interactions is appealing.

Step 5 – Passion and Ambition

Having a sense of purpose, drive, and passion for something in life can be attractive. People who are motivated, ambitious, and pursuing their goals tend to exude a certain magnetism.

Step 6 – Authenticity

Being true to oneself and embracing individuality is highly attractive. Genuine people who are comfortable in their own skin and don't feel the need to put on a facade are often seen as appealing.

Adidas football ball

Before you start to think we’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere and I’m actually here offering dating advice – don’t worry. I’m not.

Because selling yourself and selling your fashion brand is virtually one and the same. All of these elements are pivotal to the success of a brand.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t embrace AI when it comes to your marketing strategy. There’s certainly a few tools out there that will help make life easier.

Let’s take a look at them.

When AI Tools Work


Lalaland leverages artificial intelligence to empower fashion brands and retailers in employing hyper-realistic models representing diverse body types, sizes, and skin tones. Through these inclusive avatars, the company strives to cultivate a shopping experience that is more encompassing, individualized, and environmentally conscious for fashion brands, retailers, and customers.

According to Lalaland, their platform has the potential to strengthen sales, reduce return rates and costs, enhance conversion rates, and minimize waste, ultimately fostering a shopping and brand experience that is more inclusive overall.


Polymer Search is an advanced tool equipped with a potent AI that transforms your dreary data into an optimized, efficient, and adaptable database, no coding needed.

Gone are the days of lengthy onboarding procedures or tedious training videos. With Polymer, you can effortlessly upload your spreadsheet and instantly convert it into a user-friendly, streamlined database, ready for seamless exploration.

Typing robot


Grammarly combines the functionalities of grammar checking, proofreading, spell checking, and plagiarism checking in a single comprehensive tool.

While its primary purpose is to serve as a grammar checker, Grammarly offers a multitude of additional features to elevate your writing skills.


Stravito revolutionizes knowledge management by providing a solution that grants equal access to market research and insights, assisting swift research for informed decision-making.

The highly automated cloud service is used to streamline internal and external data sources.

By effectively organizing research and data, this AI tool empowers organisations to easily generate the necessary findings to fuel their growth.

Why AI Copywriting Tools Fail to Deliver

While AI copywriting tools are effective at formulating ideas and can provide you with endless content, its tone and the ability to connect to potential customers with a brand narrative is just not there.

Because there are three crucial elements that sell your brand which are missing from AI copywriting software. They are:

  • Originality

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Creativity

Hollywood writers, laden with concerns, have also taken to the streets. They fear that the rise of AI could potentially hinder their hard-fought efforts within the realm of entertainment.

According to the New York Times,

“In essence, writers are asking the studios for guardrails against being replaced by A.I., having their work used to train A.I. or being hired to punch up A.I.-generated scripts at a fraction of their former pay rates.”

So, when it comes to AI, you have your benefits. You’re going to save time. It’s quite efficient when used properly. Also, you might get an idea or two you haven’t thought of.

The risk?

The content it churns out is also the same content it’s churned out for someone else.

While the sequence of words might be different, it’s the same old story.

exasperated woman with AI

Again, and again.

If you’ve turned to AI copywriter tools you’ll probably have noticed the stiff and (sometimes) factual information it delivers.

Your brand’s tone of voice is honestly impossible to recreate artificially without it coming off as, well, artificial.

You can ask it to generate answers in an informal or empathetic tone, but then you’ve hit a completely different wall.

It’s either trying too hard and can come off as fake or it repeatedly start using words that we associate with empathy.

The lack of understanding when it comes to nuance and context is real. Same goes with moral reasoning, critical thought and interpersonal communication and relationships.

While the allure of generative AI technology is undeniable, companies should exercise caution before fully relying on it for their core operations.

However, disregarding the potential that this technology holds can be equally risky, considering its rapid evolution and the expanding user base.

AI Copywriter Software on Artificial Intelligence Copywriting

Being curious in nature, we went ahead and asked ChatGPT whether AI would replace skilled human copywriters.

“The question of whether AI will completely replace human copywriters is a complex and debated topic. While AI has made significant advancements in generating content, it is unlikely to entirely replace human copywriters. Here's why:

Creativity and Emotional Connection: Copywriting involves creativity, emotion, and the ability to resonate with the audience on a deeper level. Human copywriters possess the innate ability to infuse copy with unique perspectives, storytelling techniques, and emotions that connect with readers. AI, while capable of generating content, often lacks the human touch required to create that emotional connection.

Contextual Understanding and Cultural Sensitivity: Copywriters are skilled at understanding cultural nuances, context-specific references, and social trends, which are crucial in fashion copywriting. AI, on the other hand, may struggle to fully comprehend and adapt to these subtleties, leading to potential errors or tone-deaf messaging.

Adaptability and Strategy: Human copywriters bring strategic thinking and adaptability to the table. They can analyse brand voice, target audience, and marketing goals to create tailored content that aligns with specific objectives. AI tools, while effective at generating content based on data analysis, may lack the same level of strategic thinking and adaptability.

Broken light bulb next to a working light bulb

Quality Control and Ethical Considerations: Human copywriters provide crucial quality control by reviewing, editing, and ensuring the ethical and brand-aligned nature of the content. They can exercise judgment, make nuanced decisions, and spot potential biases or errors that AI might miss.

However, it is essential to acknowledge that AI can greatly assist copywriters by automating certain tasks, generating initial drafts, and providing insights. AI-powered tools can save time and enhance efficiency, allowing copywriters to focus on higher-level creative thinking.

Ultimately, the most effective approach lies in leveraging the strengths of both AI and human copywriters. By combining the creativity and emotional intelligence of humans with the data analysis and automation capabilities of AI, brands can achieve a powerful synergy that produces compelling, impactful, and authentic fashion copy.”

Final Word on AI Copywriting Tools and Marketing Your Brand

AI-powered copywriting tools are here to stay and they’re changing the game, but ultimately, we shouldn't forget the importance of the human touch in writing.

Robot stretching hand out as if reaching to take your hand

Copywriting has always been a craft that requires a special touch. It's about capturing attention, conveying messages, and evoking emotions through words. But now, AI has joined the party, bringing some exciting benefits to the table.

With AI copywriting tools, brands can streamline their marketing process. These tools analyse heaps of data, market trends, and consumer behaviour to generate persuasive and engaging copy. They're like super-fast brainstorming assistants, helping copywriters come up with ideas and suggestions.

Another perk of AI-powered copywriting is efficiency.

Time is money, right? AI tools can churn out content faster than you can say "fashion-forward." They save precious hours that can be redirected towards other creative endeavours or quality control.

But here's the thing: AI may be a genius at crunching numbers and analysing data, but it's no match for human creativity. The magic lies in the ability to infuse copy with emotions, tones, and unique perspectives that touch the hearts of readers.

Think about it. A beautifully written fashion piece can make you feel like you're walking the runway or flipping through the pages of a high-end magazine.

It's that emotional connection that makes all the difference.

AI may be able to generate copy that sounds good, but can it truly create that emotional resonance humans crave?

We, as humans, have the power to understand and empathize with our audience. We can tap into their desires, dreams, and aspirations, and weave words that speak directly to their souls.

Splashes of colour coming from someone typing on laptop

It's that personal touch, the intangible spark of creativity, that sets us apart from the AI tools.

So, while AI can be a valuable assistant in the copywriting realm, let's remember that it's no substitute for the magic that human creative talents bring to the table.

The future may be filled with exciting AI advancements, but the human touch will always be the secret ingredient that sparks emotions, creates connections, and makes fashion copy truly unforgettable.

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