Most of us thrive in clean and decluttered spaces. With the surge of the minimalist movement and Marie Condo's cult following, it's evident that we as a society recognize the importance of clean and minimalist spaces.

Why is it so satisfying not only to get our lives in order but to watch others do the same?  

Watching others clean their massive wardrobes is all the rage. Closet cleanouts by popular YouTubers have up to 2 million views. 

More Than a Closet Cleanout 

Psychologists suggest that cleaning out closets but also our spaces, in general, have many benefits that go way beyond nice-looking apartments. 

You might already know that good cleaning habits, even just making your bed in the morning, can start your day right and make you feel more productive. 

It's not any different when it comes to the situation in your closet. 

Namely, closets packed with stuff and unorganized apartments and houses increase your stress levels

Cleaning out your closet might help with body image issues that are a result of eating disorders. Getting rid of the skinny jeans that make you feel bad about putting on weight when you struggle with an eating disorder can help you cope. 

As Mary Pritchard, blogger for Psychology Today, says: "I get rid of all of the clothes I used to fit into (including my favourite pants), so I don't see them and think I need to be able to fit into them again."

The Surge of Minimalism – Does it Spark Joy? 

You've probably heard about minimalism. Simplicity is one of the traits of minimalists, but there is more to it than that. 


Minimalism is, in its essence, a search for a more fulfilling and meaningful life. The movement offers us a space to rethink our spending habits and re-evaluate what is truly important and valuable in our lives. 

The minimalist movement also recognized that our wardrobes, houses, and minds are crammed with stuff we don't really need. 

Marie Kondo spreads a similar message with her decluttering and organizing techniques. The idea behind her approach is that if you keep the things that spark joy, your life will become happier in general.  

Getting rid of the non-essential thing in our lives has turned out to be a game-changer in the consumerist society we live in

Therefore, it is no coincidence that minimalism gained popularity over the last couple of years. Our shopping habits and lifestyle are deeply connected to consumerism. We tend to fill the void and seek happiness by relying on material possessions.  

We do that now more than ever because we can attain things cheaply, with ads of the products we want targeting us as we scroll any social platform. 

Watching Others Get Organized

Closet cleanouts are so calming and beneficial that we even like to watch others do it. But why is that so? We're watching others clean their houses, which is not necessarily the activity we enjoy. 

Sometimes it is not about closet cleaning itself per se but who is doing the cleaning. When your favourite YouTubers put up a video, you're ready for any kind of adventure with them. 

Another possible reason we watch closet cleaning videos is that we might recognize our own messy lives in them and feel connected to other people as a result. 

Most people want to know the secrets of successful and productive people, what makes them tick, what makes their lives more efficient. 

Final Word

We all want to live happier, more productive, and fulfilling lives. Over the years, it became evident that material things will not make us happy. 

Closet cleanouts have many psychological benefits, but they can also be a major mind shift in our lives and help us create good habits that will lead to experiences that might genuinely spark joy.  

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