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About the project:

Remundo is a digital platform that enables businesses to hire and manage diverse global talent from their computer or mobile device.
Word Nerd helped create the copy for the new Remundo website. 
This is what Jessica Triana de Ford, the project manager, had to say:
"Marija was an absolute pleasure to work with. An expert copywriter, fun, friendly and professional.
Marija came on board to work with us on a very time crunched project. She did an absolutely amazing job with our website copy. She has a nerdy flair for creative wordplay and brought some fantastic ideas to the table. She made our dry B2B SaaS product shine!
I was particularly impressed with her ability to handle the workload under pressure, delivering everything at both high-quality Word Nerd standards and to the tight deadlines.
I highly recommend the Word Nerd to anyone needing engaging, clever and snappy copy."