Top 5 Trends From the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2021

This season, Fashion Week changes the way we view fashion and is going in a digital direction. Most shows are set in intimate spaces for a limited number of live audience members or only available in a new, virtual form. 


Top trends that appeared during the New York Fashion Week reflect our time spent in lockdown. They are either garments that resemble the clothes and comfortable fabrics worn at home or show the eagerness to move on with life.  

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Case Study: the Influence of Coco Chanel on Fashion

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

-Coco Chanel

The name Coco Chanel is instinctively associated with fashion, simplicity, class, elegance, and timelessness. But why is she one of the most influential female fashion designers so many of us look up to today?


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The Origins of Power Dressing

Power suits and their recognizable wide shoulders dominated female business fashion in the 80s. However, their origin story goes way back and signals that fashion tends to reflect social movements.


Is there a need for power dressing in 2020?  

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The Current Crisis in the Fashion Industry – Toxic Fashion


Do you even know what you’re wearing?

The use of chemicals is, in many cases, an unavoidable part of the production of clothing. Some of the common chemicals found in fashion garments have proven to be toxic and hazardous for the health of workers and farmers.

Did you know they also be dangerous for your health?

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